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This a spiritual organization,where your financial and any kind of spiritual problems are solved in split seconds.   





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Find A Free Spiritual Solution To All Your Problems Here

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Re: Find A Free Spiritual Solution To All Your Problems Here by Napson2012March 04,2021,11:55:09 AM
Hi solution,I need financial assistance . I need money to set up a gas cooking business and pos business that worth #1,000,000.00. I would appreciate back with 10% of the money when I receive the money. Pls solution help me

Re: Find A Free Spiritual Solution To All Your Problems Here by Julian ChigboApril 09,2021,07:45:12 PM
Hello,I am computer engineer for 15 yrs now but always have setbacks and up til now I don't have my own company. I need help. Thanks

Re: Find A Free Spiritual Solution To All Your Problems Here by evans4luvApril 18,2021,05:29:07 PM



Does your life suck? Do you suffer from some medical ailment? Do you lack finance to acquire that which you desire? Are you fat? Do you have trouble meeting women or men? Are you in debt? Does your job suck? Are you barren? Have you lost hope?
If so,why haven't you changed it? Change it this moment

Stop right there! Today is your day of luck! Thousands of things might have happened to you by chance in the past,but this is different. Mark this day down in your diary,because your life is about to experience a positive and permanent change. You are not here by chance or by accident. Your coming was divinely ordained and you would not go back with any of the hardships that have dogged your life,weather for a short time or a long time.

Here are secrets your pastor; imams or even your spiritual gurus would not let you know,for if they tell you,they may lose one precious member. Everything here is free and it works like charms. You only have to be patient and read all the instructions below so as to benefit from this wonderful domain of super-abundance into which you now find yourself,free of charge. Here you would be able to find solutions for all your financial,marital,health,and legal matter problems in split seconds! When we say seconds we are 100% sure. Your doubts cannot change this. And those armies of predicament that weigh you down can not defeat the power we are here to introduce to you.

Here your virtual contact life partner who would be assisting you whenever you face challenges in any aspect of your life would always be referred to as ”SOLUTION”. How do we work? We believe in ‘Karma’ (what you sow is what you reap) We also respect the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” For that reason we do not take request from or work for anybody whose sole aim is to harm others. We are only here to better the life of people spiritually,mentally and physically,free of charge. Ranging from health challenges to financial matters and to most any predicament,we offer free spiritual help. However,we ask those we offer our services to make a vow to help the organization grow,even as their desires materialize through our services. 


Steps to follow:
1. First you must be a member of www.rapidspell.org Go to the home page or click HERE to Register

2. Login to this post

3. At the bottom of this post after some requests by other members,Click on Add Comment button at the bottom of this post as if you want to comment on this post.

4. Type in your request in the comment box provided.

5. Type in the verification letters in a small box below the verification letters and click on POST to submit your request.

Below are samples of the format you may follow or just make your request in your own way bearing in mind that we don’t harm people unless it is obvious they are the cause of your problem and are not willing to repent.

We copied the following sample requests from our year 2012 old site. just use it as a guide,since your own case may be different.

“It seems I’m not attractive to men,they don’t ask me out even the few that comes my way don’t seem to be serious with me. Please if I can attract my soul mate I would donate…”

“Hi Solution,please I had been working for long but no promotion. If I’m promoted I would donate N5000.”

“Solution,I borrowed money for my business but it’s not moving. If my creditors would soft pedals and I am able to pay back peacefully I would donate $100 or more”

“I am a contractor and very sure I’m qualified to execute this contract to the satisfaction of my client. Please if I win this contract I would donate N50,000 “

“I am a student studying hard to pass my exam if I make my papers I would donate N1”

“With all indication I’m sure the person I’m going to meet for this favor on Tuesday have the ability to assist me and I would not betray him. if I obtain his favour I would donate N20…”

“I am an applicant I need a job urgently so as to fend for myself and my family. If I secure a job I would donate $$$”

“I love this girl with all my heart but it seems she not interested in marrying me. Please if you can do it I would donate N1,,,”

“I have been married for years but believing God for an issue. If a child can come my way I would donate N…”

“I have a court case which I am sure I’m really fighting for my right and not to punish someone unjustly,but my opponent is so powerful and might influence the judge to rule against me. Please if win this case I would donate N1,,,”

“I have a church but my members are not making progress,as a result of that my church is not growing. If there is improvement I would donate…”

“There is always quarrel in my home,please if peace returns I would donate …”

“I’m sick but it seems the source of this illness is spiritual cos I have tried several hospital to no avail if I can see a solution or cure to this illness I would donate N………… $$$”

“I want to own my own building so can be a landlord. If this happen I would donate…”

“I am sure I can manage business very well but no fund. If help come my way I would donate N…..$$”

“I want to further my Education but no sponsor,if a sponsor can come my way I would donate N……$$$”

“I am going for an election and very sure within me I’m going there for the betterment of humanity and not self gratification if I win I would donate…”

The above are just some samples we gathered from people we have offered our services. Feel free to make any request of your choice that is of good intention after reading the remaining part.

Base on previous experience there are certain requests we do not attend to here,so you would not have to say our system did not work for you because our systems cannot fail,E.g. telling us you need one million dollar or one million naira immediately whereas you do not have a job and nobody is owing you such huge amount of money that you are expecting. Even our V.I.P SECTION where everything is automatic does not guarantee that.
(Though,you do not need to place request here if you are a V.I.P member since you are already been given a secret tool to make your wish come through instantly).

2. Placing multiple requests with one vow is not allowed. E.g. ” I need a car,good health,promotion,and if my request is granted I would donate $5000.” (Never sum everything up that way please,so we know what we are doing). Though you can place as many request as possible provided you place a vow alongside each request. (Not multiple requests,one vow)

And please do not disclose your full name,phone number or e-mail address in the request box. We are okay with your user name only because our work is strictly spiritual.
Please do not make promises you would find difficult to fulfill. It’s better to promise little than to promise to give us the whole world,which you would find difficult to fulfill.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Its dangerous not to fulfill your promise here once your problem has been solved!!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Its dangerous not to fulfill your promise here once your problem has been solved!!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: It’s dangerous not to fulfill your vow here once your problem has been solved!!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: It’s dangerous not to fulfill your promise here once your problem has been solved!!  [/b]

Method of payment would will be revealed to you at the end of this post.
If you are a pastor or a spiritual leader engaged in helping others and you want us to help to improve the well-being of your members,do not drop your request or members’ requests in the request box below,because we only cater for registered members of this site and the V.I.P members which automatically become members of our sacred Order (Sachiel Order). So all you need do is send E-mails or inquiries or your requests to mypredicamentisover@rapidspell.org for details.

Here is a magic formula in case of emergency:

This second method is to make your wish come through in split seconds and you do not need to make any promise,just your request only,and your wish would be granted immediately,provided you are sure you’ve done nothing wrong to deserve the danger you are facing at the moment.

Let me give you instances when you could make use of this formula and how to use it. For instance,if you are traveling on the way or if you are at home and there is a sudden robbery attack,even if the robbers are close by,if you still have the opportunity to make a call or send an SMS just place a call or send an SMS to any of these numbers: +2348104056224 or +2349029216375 If you can make the call successfully,we guarantee that Divine help will come to you one way or the other so instantaneously that both you and others around you would not be harmed. Attempted robbery is just one of the instances in which you can use the numbers. There are so many other emergencies it can be used for. Please note that it is strictly for emergencies! You can use it any time there is a life-threatening situation to get a timely and divine assistance.

Another situation: if someone is intimidating you and you know that if help does not come within minutes or so,there might be serious consequence on your end,all you need do is to call the number. It would be unnecessary to give a long explanation. Something like this would be enough: “I am Miss BB from Lagos,a member of Rapidspell.org. I need urgent assistance please”. Just make the call as if you are talking to your brother or sister,do not brag or boast about it,nor disclose what you have done to anybody. You can then end the call and within seconds one way or the other Divine help would come your way and you would be free from that danger,provided you are sure,you are not guilty of any wrong that would make you deserve the punishment. Because you and only you know what you harbor in your mind.

WARNING!!! Do not call or send an SMS to that number when you know you are guilty or when you are not in any danger,because if you do,the power that would be released for your assistance for a purported need of help may harm you seriously!!!
WARNING!!! Do not call or send an SMS to that number when you know you are guilty or when you are not in any danger,because if you do,the power that would be released for your assistance for a purported need of help may harm you seriously!!!

Next thing to do will be to donate once you are free from the danger. You have to send mail to rapidspell at gmail.com or send text/ call to : +2348104056224 or +2349029216375. Requesting for details of payment and make a donation according to what you can afford and according to how much you value the assistance we have offered.

If you are a member of this site and you want to start paying your monthly [/b] DUE [/b]do not drop your request in the request box  below,please send your  problem or concern to rapidspell@gmail.com we would be glad to assist you even without making a vow.
Please note that   www.rapidspell.org  www.rapidspell.net www.rapidspell.com is same site,same power,same people,So you can use any of the sites without problem.

Once your problem has been solved or you just feel like making donation to this wonderful organization for changing your life positively since you joined the site,send mail to rapidspell@gmail.com or send text/ call to : +2348104056224 or +2349029216375 requesting for details of payment and make a donation according to the amount you vowed or according to how much you value the assistance we have offered.

We accept payments worldwide :

If you are not a Nigerian or a Nigerian living abroad but want to make a donation or you want to fulfill your promise please send e-mail to rapidspell@gmail.com for details of payment.
To evaluate our method,begin by dropping your requests and vows below,so you can experience the wonders free of charge.

As you can see,today is your day of luck!!!Solution is all around you! Solution is with you here! Solution will go with you everywhere you go from this moment! Do not take this as ordinary. We can help you,but you also need o help yourself by taking the right step now! Make no delay!

As you type in your request,all things are set in motion towards the realization of your desires. Every living thing,every inanimate thing,and all things unimaginable,are ordained to bring into existence that which you want. All forces are now beginning to work in that direction. All things are beginning to operate positively in your favor. The minds of people,everywhere,are being divinely influenced to do the things necessary to bring about the fulfilling of your desires. They are being divinely ordained to work for you,though unconsciously. Your doubts can never stop your request here from materializing.

As you receive this great favor in life,do not keep it to yourself. Whatever gloom follow you in life,there are people facing worse situations. So the first good thing you should do is to refer as many people as possible to this site so that they too can find Solution,the Giver of instantaneous help.

As you sow so shall you reap!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It’s dangerous not to fulfill your vow here once your problem has been solved!!

To avoid stress of placing request
  CLICK HERE to pay your monthly due

To buy any of our powerful spiritual products CLICK HERE

To become a VIP member CLICK HERE



You can now follow us on Social Media: TWITTER @Rapidspell,INSTAGRAM @Rapidspell,FACEBOOK facebook.com/rapidspells  WhatsApp +2348104056224

Congrats! As you send your requests and make your vows,you have embraced Solution and solutions will start flooding into your life in case of any predicament.

solutions,someone broke into my shop and stole all my goods and left me with nothing,please great solution i want them to return it back to me and I will donate 5000 naira. Thank you


Re: Find A Free Spiritual Solution To All Your Problems Here by Tboy1419May 04,2021,03:10:43 PM
Good day grate solution,my name is Onyendi maverick chinemere,am from nigeria,the past 2years has been very difficult for me,no job no money to buy what I want and what will make me happy,and am also a gambler,but my profession line of gambling is sport bettings I have lost lots of money in sports gambling,I need spiritual help and a spiritual luck in winning,and if anyone could help in search of a good job I will be very happy,if there's anything that can make me rise up again,I will gladly appreciate it,life's is very tough here in nigeria,I promise if any good thing comes my way that will bring smiles to my face and into my life,I will show a good appreciation on this forum or web site,thank you,the best thing that can happen to me now is to have the spiritual luck of winning sport bettings,this is what am specialized on,may God Almighty bless anyone that can grant me this spiritual help of winning in my life.
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